Tim Showalter takes pride in fixing and restoring everything from pedal cars to antique lamps. He’s been doing so since he was eight years old, when he walked down the road and spotted a bicycle in a neighbor’s trash. When Showalter asked the owner if he could have it, he was given two broken bikes. He put them together to make one good bike, rode it around and later sold it. He’s been doing small restorations ever since. This year, Showalter decided he wanted to spend his time doing the thing he loves most. After 25 years of working in education


Tim with Light Sconce
Restoring Your Memories
Lights from a dog training school in Beech Grove had five coats of led paint. Tim Showalter had to research to learn the safest way to remove the paint.
Tim with mobo horse

Tim Showalter sands down pieces of the Mobo horse.

it had been painted. After seeing a similar project on the "American Restoration" TV show, Showalter said he was excited to start. Currently working out of a garage, Showalter said he hopes to find a building soon and is working with Mayor Dennis Buckle to find a spot on Main Street. "I grew up here, and I can remember as a kid how vibrant the city was," Showalter says. "I’d like to see it go back to the old days when you wanted or needed something you’d go to Main Street and get it. I love this town, and I want to be a part of its revitalization."

Antique Toy Restoration

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and information technologies, he cashed in his savings to start up Hoosierboy Restorations in Beech Grove in May. "I’m really passionate about this," Showalter says. "When I’m not doing it, I’m researching about it, watching television shows about it. I can fix bicycles to pedal cars to gumball machines. I enjoy a good challenge. My enjoyment comes from a customer seeing the finished product, saying, ‘I never dreamed it would look this good.’" With a background in telecommunications in Ball State, Showalter said he was able to design his own logo and website.
He says he was fortunate to have customers right from the beginning and has obtained a couple more through his marketing. "All of my marketing has paid off," Showalter says. "If I can say anything to anyone, it’s marketing is the key. If no one knows about you, they can’t find out how good you are." His favorite project so far is a Mobo horse he is still refurbishing. The metal item was completely rusted out. The lady who owned it had it since she was a little girl and wants to see it back in the pristine condition she remembers, giving him a drawing of how