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Mobo Horse

Customized Speedway Motors Comet Pedal Car

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Hoosierboy Restorations is a full-service antique and toy restoration company dedicated to the art of restoring and preserving items from the early to mid-20th century. We specialize in metal and wooden items primarily made in the U.S.A. We treat every artifact with the utmost care, and respect it deserves to insure its original authenticity. At Hoosierboy Restorations, we combine traditional "old-time” craftsmanship with the latest restoration techniques of today. This is all to provide the highest-quality, finished product that you will be proud to share, and will enjoy for many years to come.

Hoosierboy Restorations has developed a unique, five step paint process where we use PPG automotive primer, paint, and clear-coat on all of the painted services we treat. Additionally, the parts are baked in our customized curing oven between each coat to insure maximum paint toughness, hardness, and finish.

Paint & Powder Coating



Metal Fabrication

- Apple Peeler

- Baby Walker
- Barbers Pole
- Bicycle
- Coffee Grinders

- Coke Coolers

- Fans
- Fare Box
- Fire Extinguisher
- Replica Gas Pumps
- Gumball Machines
- High Chairs

- Rocking Horse

- Hubley Planes

- Mailbox
- Mobo Horse
- Pedal Car
- Popcorn Machine
- Scales
- Scooters
- Strong Box

- Stamp Machine
- Tandem Bicycle
- Toy Train Cars
- Tricycle
- Wagon

- Fireplace Screens

- and much more

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JUST A FEW items we can restore


Mobo Horse 1950s

Tim in the shop
Paint and Powder Coating

​Metal Fabrication

Restoring Your Memories
Customized Speedway Motors Comet Pedal Car

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