Hoosierboy Restorations, LLC New World Headquarters

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Restoring Antiques and Antique Toys 

Paint &Powder Coating

Hoosierboy Restorations, LLC 

A full-service restoration company. Restoring memorabilia, antiques, and items from the 20th century. We will take your rusty, beat-up relics, and restore them to their original glory.

When it comes to  restoring vintage items and antiques, Hoosierboy Restorations cannot be beat.

We will treat your artifact with the care and respect they deserve. We use the latest restoration techniques to provide high-quality, finished product. Most of all: we love vintage artifacts and care about yours.

items we can restore



​Metal Fabrication

- Apple Peeler

- Baby Walker
- Barbers Pole
- Bicycle
- Coffee Grinders

- Coke Coolers

- Fans
- Fare Box
- Fire Extinguisher
- Replica Gas Pumps
- Gumball Machines
- High Chairs

- Rocking Horse

- Hubley Planes

- Mailbox
- Mobo Horse
- Pedal Car
- Popcorn Machine
- Scales
- Scooters
- Strong Box

- Stamp Machine
- Tandem Bicycle
- Toy Train Cars
- Tricycle
- Wagon

- Fireplace Screens

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5858 Churchman ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46203